Key Word Statistics

To effectively market your website, you must first decide what keywords you want to be known for or found by. And then, you can use software like Google Analytics to track the success of your website with statistical reports.

It's important to know how to use keywords when trying to market your own website. First, you only want to focus on keywords that have a good presence on your website -- or in your business, for that matter. For example, if you sell pizza, but not chicken wings; don't list chicken wings in your meta tags. Only focus on keywords for which your website has good content. You won't be able to capture additional customers by using keywords that don't apply to your business or to the content on your website. In fact, if you do try this, it will end up hurting you more.

There's no trick to using keywords. Google, and other search engines, will punish your site with a bad position if you try to over promote yourself with keyword tricks. Instead, the best thing to do is have a good, content-rich website that provides relevant resources to its visitors.